About our company

In late 2009 our firm was born on the foundation that families deserve a better source for the management of their wealth. The firm's founders Matthew Hodgen and Jadine Wong both shared such an intense dissatisfaction with the traditional wealth management industry which is primarily comprised of financial services firms, public/private banks, trust companies, insurance companies, etc. As the main resource for many families investment advisory, many of these institutions over the years have positioned themselves as the focal point for financial product sales. Sales quotas were never designed to be part of the formula when offering investment, estate, tax and other types of financial advice.

Macian Wealth Management was designed to bridge the gap between where traditional financial advisory falls off and where private family office style management begins. A core value of this firm is to always remain in the best interest of our clients, and to put our money where our mouth is (so to speak), we are a fee-only firm which receives no commission for any investment related products. We believe that if all products are paid equal, many of the industry's inherent conflicts of interest fall to the wayside. When building or expanding your family's financial future, it is best to first know where your money is truly going.

Our mission was to replicate the model the world's wealthiest families have used internally for generations and pull back the curtain in regards to how inner-family wealth has been actively managed.

And the good news...we did.






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